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Distracted Driving Information

Today, there are numbers of distracted driving accidents news that are printed in the newspapers, flash in the televisions that creates lots of debates and comments. Most of this incident can provides unbelievable stories about distracted driving that truly captured to be the headlines of the news. Because of this accidents on the roads, most…

The 5 Most Dangerous Apps for your Children

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By Patricia Singer Children today want a cell phone and a tablet. As a parent you feel obliged to get them one. How are they going to keep up with their friends? They insist that “all of their friends have one!” How can you use yours if your kids are on them all the time?…

Don’t Be left in Sun to long How to Beat the Heat!

The human body is usually good at maintaining its ideal temperature of 37°C. At any time of year and in various circumstances, the body produces heat from muscle use and prevents overheating by sweating. In extreme temperatures however, when the air is as hot or hotter than the body, the cooling mechanisms don’t work. When…